What is Nine9 Talent?

There is no place to be in the world of the entertainment agency than to have an agent, but it’s tough to be seen and get an agent unless you have X amount of experience. This is why the “Unagency” known for being Nine9 is the one company to work with. If you want auditions, real advice, and work with a real set of casting professionals, this is the place to join and read full article.

In a recent video Nine9 created, they showcase a wide variety of their current talent and a list of their amazing casting directors who genuinely use the site to find new talent. The best part about Nine9 is that they help you not only get auditions but also learning the basics of the world of how to act. They have on-camera acting workshops at their facilities to help their actors learn everything they need to know about the world of acting and how to be prepared for anything involved with this industry.

Nine9 is a company that is going to help get you the roles you’ve always wanted. They can help move you forward so you can be seen by all the right casting directors who are going to be filming for the next TV show, film, or even music video.

Getting started with them is merely about signing up with their team, joining their website, and getting those headshots ready. The best thing to remember when taking those headshots is to showcase your best self. Have several headshots taken so you can get the right one ready for when you hit the front of the next audition.

Nine9 is the right talent company to work with because they will help prepare you for every opportunity you hope would come through in the future. Join today and get moving towards success and what Nine9 knows.

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Rick Smith Promotes Excellence At SECURUS Technology

Since July 2008 Rick Smith has been the CEO of SECURUS Technology. Rick is well known for his experience, focus and drive and many feel he was the right choice to lead SECURUS Technology. Rick has a broad background in finance, information technology, telecommunications and much more. His unique skill set and leadership skills have made SECURUS the undisputed leader in the corrections industry for quality products and services.

Securus founded in 1986 as a prison technology company. The company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with regional offices in Texas and Georgia. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the company has invested over $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions in the last three years. The company is committed to offering the corrections community the latest technology and services in regards to correctional facility management. Services include incident management, emergency response, communications, public information, and inmate self-service to mention only a few. Today Securus Technologies has contracts with over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada and manages over 1,000,000 inmates.

Rick Smith has the education to go along with his focus and drive. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a master’s degree in mathematics and electrical engineering, a technology associate’s degree and an MBA in business administration. He has attended the State University of New York, the Rochester Institute and the University of Rochester New York.

Starting in 1972 and until 1998 Rick was with Global Crossing North America where he held several high positions, including being the director of business development and vice president of the company’s financial management. In 1998 Rick moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he served as the company’s chief financial officer until 2000 and was made the company president and CEO in 2003. During his tenure with Eschelon, the companies revenue grew from $30 million to $350 million. In 2005 he led the company to a successful IPO and stayed with the company until 2007. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Securus Technologies made Rick Smith company chairman in January 2009. Rick has expanded the company’s products and services to quickly offer a better program than its largest competitor, Global Tel Link. Additions include a domestic call center manned by Securus employees that operate 600% better than the competition. Securus Technologies and its trained technicians have built the largest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the world. Securus Technologies has for over 25 years provided communications solutions for inmates, and the friends and family members of inmates with a platform designed to meet their specialized needs. Securus Technologies is a national leader because of its commitment to exceeding expectations throughout their history. As the company enters its second quarter century, they will continue to build their reputation by working with their customers. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Securus joins fight against contraband cell phones head on

Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services, has long been an industry leader in the fight against security threats within prisons.


Over the last decade, Securus has deployed a wide array of cutting-edge technologies to help administrators and staff combat the ongoing scourge of criminal activity within the nation’s prisons..


One of the ways in which Securus is taking this fight to the next level is through its highly innovative cell phone detection system. This technology was first developed and proven on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, where it was used to intercept enemy communications and keep U.S. troops safe. Known as Stingray, the system uses triangulation methods to locate all cellular devices within a certain radius. It can also intercept and interdict all communications to and from cellular towers within its operational radius. This allows users not only to monitor all cellular traffic and conversations, but also to shut down traffic at the user’s discretion and even spoof conversations, where the Stingray user pretends to be the party attempting to be reached by the collar.


This is a crucial technology in the fight against contraband cellular devices in the nation’s prisons. Such devices pose a huge threat to the Safety and Security of the nation’s prisons because they are often times used by gangs in furtherance of the commission of crimes. Cellular phones, illicitly introduced into prisons, have been used in thousands of crimes throughout the United States, including intimidation of witnesses and even murder.


Through the large-scale deployment of such technologies, Securus is taking U.S. prisons into the 21st century. These systems allow for modern prison administrators and staff to effectively combat the worst security threats faced by those who are charged with keeping America and its prisoners safe.

The Experienced Professionals Behind InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a company that provides quality healthcare at an affordable cost. Thier healthcare does not sacrifice on quality and advanced technology to provide it at an affordable cost. InnovaCare Health’s mission is to redefine healthcare management to overcome the problems in the healthcare industry in today’s world. At InnovaCare Health they believe that the patients come first and that everyone deserves quality healthcare. They believe in growth through experienced leaders and corporate integrity. It is under these sets of beliefs and many others that they operate and provide healthcare.

Rick Shinto is the President and Cheif Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto is an experienced professional with more than 20 years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare management. Before his joining InnovaCare Health he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc. He was once the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California, and before that was the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management Company. He was also the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan and the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management. His years of experience has given him the knowledge and understanding of his current position and allows him to execute his duties with the utmost form of integrity and knowledge.

Penelope Kookinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health. In the last 20 years, she has built up a career full of experience that has led to her current position. She was previously the Chief Operating Officer at Aveta and Executive Vice President for Centerlight Healthcare and was an instrumental member of the team at UnitedHealth Group where she helped to implement and develop the company’s health model. She has also worked for Touchstone Health. Penelope Kookinides attained degrees from Binghamton University, New York University, and a master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia. Her many years of experience and educational attainment has given her the capability of being more than qualified for her position at InnovaCare Health. Visit Bloomberg.com for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

InnovCare has the mission to provide everyone with quality and affordable health insurance. To achieve that mission they need the leadership of experienced professionals. Under the guidance of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kookinides InnovCare corporate integrity and experienced knowledge, they need to accomplish their ultimate goals.

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You Want to Survive a Downswing in this Economy

You own a business. Sometimes things happen. The weather might affect your business. The general economy is going through a sluggish moment. International and global problems affect sales. But you know how to survive these events. You own stocks. You can sell them for much-needed operating capital, or you can borrow against them.

When you go to see your banker, they tell you they will lend against equities, up to a whopping 40$ of the value of the stocks. Only 40%? That’s it. Well, they also need a business proposal to let them know how you are going to use the funds. Then they quote you an outrageous interest rate. Oh, and by the way, they can’t lend against some of those equities. It is against the rules of the stock market or the government or the bank. And, you will have to wait for funding. Sorry, buddy, it will take a while.

But what if you had gone to Equities First AU in the first place? They will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. They can lend against any stock they choose, since they are a private company and not beholden to the rules of the government or stockholders. Their interest rate is lower, much lower than the one quoted by the financial institutions. The funding takes a few days at most. And, they do not want to see a business proposal. They do not care what you will do with the funding.

It would have made more sense to go to Equities First first.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Advice on how to make successful Investments in Brazil

Investing in Brazil is profitable, but it can be affected by various variable aspects. People who would wish to invest in Brazil are required to be knowledgeable about the sector for them to make significant returns. The industries that are well established and profitable in the country include finance, agriculture, and infrastructure development at https://www.facebook.com/igor.cornelsen. Brazil has sufficient land for farming, and it still requires the establishment of amenities since it is still a developing nation. Igor Cornelsen is recognized as one of the leading investment banking experts. According to him, three main tips can assist investors to be prosperous in Brazil.

The first pointer that Igor Cornelsen offers is the creation of robust networks and having good relationships with many people. This aspect greatly affects business, finance, and culture in the country. Investors do not a have a hard time reaching the population since about 25 percent of the country’s adult population are businesspeople. The second tip on Twitter that should be used by the investors is following the business laws that have been set by the government. The investment sector is affected by aspects such as licensing, market inflexibility, and high taxes. People can be successful if they abide by the regulations that have been set by the authorities. The last guideline that Igor Cornelsen talks about is the restrictions that have been placed on the foreign currencies. Investors are required to be highly informed on the regulations that are used in the exchange of currencies. They should know organizations that have been authorized to take part in the business.

Igor Cornelsen is an advisor at Bainbridge Group. His expertise is in commodities, the stock market, and exchange of foreign currencies. He is highly respected in the investment sector due to his excellent knowledge and experience. Mr. Cornelsen had a long career in the banking industry, and he has significantly contributed to the development of Brazil’s economy on tripod.com.

The investment guru is currently retired, and he lives in South Florida. The region has many golf courses, and therefore, he plays golf during his leisure time. Igor uses his experience in the industry to guide investors and other professionals in the sector.

Focus of George Soros’ Scholarships

According to Open Society Foundation, George Soros has given away more than $12 billion to charities and programs around the world. George Soros decided to start giving away part of his $25.2 billion after visiting Zulu Empire in 1980. After learning more about the apartheid state to integration, he agreed to sponsor 80 black students at the University of Cape Town. Following the initial success, the Open Society Foundation has now given away more than 15,000 scholarships on almost every continent. George feels that providing scholarship money to deserving young people helps to promote democracy around the globe. The scholarships are prioritized so that those under repressive governance and constant threats to human rights have the best chance of getting an award.

Baltimore Community Fellowships

While most scholarships are given to students overseas, the Open Society gives some scholarships within the United States. One program where scholarships are available is the Baltimore Community Fellowships program. Interested activists can apply for scholarships to work in neighborhood sustainability, work with middle school students or work on transportation issues.

Leadership in Government

Public-sector leaders can also apply for scholarships under the Leadership in Government program. These scholarships are designed for people working towards making America a fairer democracy, making the criminal justice system more fair and encouraging participation in government by people of all races. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

Open Society Presidential Foundation

Recent business school graduates, law school graduates and others interested in the work of the Open Society Foundation can apply for an Open Society Presidential Foundation scholarship. This 11 month program is based in George Soros’ home office in New York City. During their work, chosen individuals will learn more about the work of the Open Society Foundation along with how to set up and operate programs around the country.

George Soros has given away much of his wealth. His foundation is based in five areas.

Program Focus

The first is education and youth as he hopes increase access to quality education. His programs also try to make governments around the world more accountable to the people who live there. He is also trying to break down face stigma and discrimination in medical systems. Other programs focus on helping to create a free and independent press. Finally, his programs work to promote human rights around the globe.

According to Forbes, George Soros is the 22nd wealthiest person alive. Yet, he chooses to give much of his wealth away in scholarships to deserving individuals.

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Bruno Fagali: How To Choose A Competent Attorney

Are you dealing with a legal matter? Legal proceedings can be very complex. That is why it is advisable to choose a lawyer who has a good understanding of the law that affects your case. Lawyers have the training and education to represent clients, whether it’s a court proceeding or a negotiation session. Having a good lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected.

A competent attorney will be by your side and fight for you. A good attorney knows which strategy will produce the best outcome in your case.

It can be extremely tough to handle legal matters involving dispute or business partnership conflict without the guidance of an experienced attorney.

If you are involved in litigation, or have any legal issue it is advisable to hire a reliable attorney. Protect your right by hiring an attorney like Bruno Fagali , a respected Brazilian Administrative Law Attorney.

Read Bruno Fagali’s most recent interview >>

Bruno Fagali has helped numerous organizations, establishments and individuals in a wide variety of legal issues. Bruno Fagali specializes in Regulatory Law, Administrative Law, Compliance, Ethics, and Urban Law.

Bruno Fagali runs his private law firm, which is located in Brazil. Bruno Fagali works very hard to resolve his clients’ cases using the most cost-effective approach possible. Bruno Fagali carefully considers the most effective way to protect his client’s interests and devise strategies for successful outcomes. Bruno Fagali is committed to helping his clients and to his life’s work.

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Arthur Becker Prfoves Himself A True Renaissance Man

When discussing the life and work of Arthur Becker it is not an understatement to state the artist, entrepreneur, real estate developer, and fashion expert is a renaissance man of the highest order. Becker has crossed a range of different industries and found success in almost every area he has looked to find success in; although we see the success achieved by Arthur Becker, the man himself is always willing to admit he has made business mistakes in the past and has learned a lot from these mistakes that have allowed him the chance to develop an even more successful career.

One of the aspects of his life and career Arthur Becker believes could have been bettered and made a major difference to the speed at which he achieved success would have been the completion of the second year of his postgraduate course in business. Flexibility is a part of the work of any entrepreneur in the view of Arthur Becker, and in his NY Mag interview, he said that he feels his own career would have benefited from a more flexible approach to to his studied that stalled when he found success in a business renovating 18th century houses.

Another reason Arthur Becker should be praised for the work he has completed is the fact he has never settled upon remaining successful in a single area of business, but instead seeks continued success in a range of different business areas. Technology has always played a major role in the establishment of the successful career of Arthur Becker and continues to be a constant theme in most of the business opportunities he explores on a regular basis. Becker himself believes his own success is only continued by his own ability to identify talented individuals in the various fields he works within to achieve high levels of continued success.

Information on this article sourced from Wikipedia and perezhilton.com.

Betsy DeVos: Impacting Lives Positively through Philanthropy

In the United States, Betsy DeVos is one of the influential people playing an active role in reforming the education sector. However, what many might not realize is her philanthropy work. For example, together with her husband – Dick – she co-chairs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has donated millions to support the work carried out by legal groups, think tanks, and leadership institutions to name a few.

Her philanthropic spirit has seen Betsy DeVos give to various schools as well, especially in Michigan. Her donations continue providing the West Michigan Aviation Academy with the finances it needs to thrive. Also, a couple of private Christian schools the Potter’s House operates have benefited greatly from her giving. Needy children can now get the best education at private schools courtesy of the Education Freedom Fund, which Betsy DeVos also donates to as well.

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/readersreact/la-ol-le-devos-vouchers-20170218-story.html

Donations to Different Organizations

Betsy established the philanthropic foundation that she runs with her husband in 1989. Mostly, she donates to organizations that represent her religious and political beliefs. A conservative think tank organization based in Washington, D.C. – American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy – was the beneficiary of $750,000 from Betsy DeVos. In addition to that initial donation, the DeVos Foundation pledged a further $1m to the think tank.

Colleges and universities around the United States have also benefited greatly from Betsy’s charitable giving. She donated $500,000 to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation. Additionally, she pledged $100,000 on top of $150,000 that her foundation already gave to the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. The following are a few of other organizations that Betsy DeVos has donated to and the money received:

  1. a) Ferris State University – $113,500
  2. b) Davenport University – $55,000
  3. c) John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – $250,000
  4. d) ArtPrize Grand Rapids – $400,000

Lifetime Charitable Donations

Over their lifetimes, Dick and Betsy DeVos have donated more than $139 million to different organizations. In 2015 alone, the couple gave out more than $11.6 million as charitable contributions. In fact, a report that the reputable Forbes published in 2015 ranked the couple as the 24th place of a list titled “America’s Top Givers.” Betsy is part of a family – the DeVos – that has donated more than $1.33 billion over their lifetime.

Betsy married into a family that’s renowned for its charitable giving. However, she is the daughter of Edgar Prince, a Holland industrialist who is also famous for his generous contributions to charitable and political organizations. Out of all the contributions Dick and Betsy DeVos have made, the education sector seemed to have benefited the most. Dick states that this is a deliberate move and a reflection of their dedication to improving education.

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