Rick Smith Promotes Excellence At SECURUS Technology

Since July 2008 Rick Smith has been the CEO of SECURUS Technology. Rick is well known for his experience, focus and drive and many feel he was the right choice to lead SECURUS Technology. Rick has a broad background in finance, information technology, telecommunications and much more. His unique skill set and leadership skills have made SECURUS the undisputed leader in the corrections industry for quality products and services.

Securus founded in 1986 as a prison technology company. The company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with regional offices in Texas and Georgia. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the company has invested over $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions in the last three years. The company is committed to offering the corrections community the latest technology and services in regards to correctional facility management. Services include incident management, emergency response, communications, public information, and inmate self-service to mention only a few. Today Securus Technologies has contracts with over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada and manages over 1,000,000 inmates.

Rick Smith has the education to go along with his focus and drive. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a master’s degree in mathematics and electrical engineering, a technology associate’s degree and an MBA in business administration. He has attended the State University of New York, the Rochester Institute and the University of Rochester New York.

Starting in 1972 and until 1998 Rick was with Global Crossing North America where he held several high positions, including being the director of business development and vice president of the company’s financial management. In 1998 Rick moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he served as the company’s chief financial officer until 2000 and was made the company president and CEO in 2003. During his tenure with Eschelon, the companies revenue grew from $30 million to $350 million. In 2005 he led the company to a successful IPO and stayed with the company until 2007. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Securus Technologies made Rick Smith company chairman in January 2009. Rick has expanded the company’s products and services to quickly offer a better program than its largest competitor, Global Tel Link. Additions include a domestic call center manned by Securus employees that operate 600% better than the competition. Securus Technologies and its trained technicians have built the largest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the world. Securus Technologies has for over 25 years provided communications solutions for inmates, and the friends and family members of inmates with a platform designed to meet their specialized needs. Securus Technologies is a national leader because of its commitment to exceeding expectations throughout their history. As the company enters its second quarter century, they will continue to build their reputation by working with their customers. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Securus joins fight against contraband cell phones head on

Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services, has long been an industry leader in the fight against security threats within prisons.


Over the last decade, Securus has deployed a wide array of cutting-edge technologies to help administrators and staff combat the ongoing scourge of criminal activity within the nation’s prisons..


One of the ways in which Securus is taking this fight to the next level is through its highly innovative cell phone detection system. This technology was first developed and proven on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, where it was used to intercept enemy communications and keep U.S. troops safe. Known as Stingray, the system uses triangulation methods to locate all cellular devices within a certain radius. It can also intercept and interdict all communications to and from cellular towers within its operational radius. This allows users not only to monitor all cellular traffic and conversations, but also to shut down traffic at the user’s discretion and even spoof conversations, where the Stingray user pretends to be the party attempting to be reached by the collar.


This is a crucial technology in the fight against contraband cellular devices in the nation’s prisons. Such devices pose a huge threat to the Safety and Security of the nation’s prisons because they are often times used by gangs in furtherance of the commission of crimes. Cellular phones, illicitly introduced into prisons, have been used in thousands of crimes throughout the United States, including intimidation of witnesses and even murder.


Through the large-scale deployment of such technologies, Securus is taking U.S. prisons into the 21st century. These systems allow for modern prison administrators and staff to effectively combat the worst security threats faced by those who are charged with keeping America and its prisoners safe.