Focus of George Soros’ Scholarships

According to Open Society Foundation, George Soros has given away more than $12 billion to charities and programs around the world. George Soros decided to start giving away part of his $25.2 billion after visiting Zulu Empire in 1980. After learning more about the apartheid state to integration, he agreed to sponsor 80 black students at the University of Cape Town. Following the initial success, the Open Society Foundation has now given away more than 15,000 scholarships on almost every continent. George feels that providing scholarship money to deserving young people helps to promote democracy around the globe. The scholarships are prioritized so that those under repressive governance and constant threats to human rights have the best chance of getting an award.

Baltimore Community Fellowships

While most scholarships are given to students overseas, the Open Society gives some scholarships within the United States. One program where scholarships are available is the Baltimore Community Fellowships program. Interested activists can apply for scholarships to work in neighborhood sustainability, work with middle school students or work on transportation issues.

Leadership in Government

Public-sector leaders can also apply for scholarships under the Leadership in Government program. These scholarships are designed for people working towards making America a fairer democracy, making the criminal justice system more fair and encouraging participation in government by people of all races. Visit to know more about George.

Open Society Presidential Foundation

Recent business school graduates, law school graduates and others interested in the work of the Open Society Foundation can apply for an Open Society Presidential Foundation scholarship. This 11 month program is based in George Soros’ home office in New York City. During their work, chosen individuals will learn more about the work of the Open Society Foundation along with how to set up and operate programs around the country.

George Soros has given away much of his wealth. His foundation is based in five areas.

Program Focus

The first is education and youth as he hopes increase access to quality education. His programs also try to make governments around the world more accountable to the people who live there. He is also trying to break down face stigma and discrimination in medical systems. Other programs focus on helping to create a free and independent press. Finally, his programs work to promote human rights around the globe.

According to Forbes, George Soros is the 22nd wealthiest person alive. Yet, he chooses to give much of his wealth away in scholarships to deserving individuals.

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Betsy DeVos: Impacting Lives Positively through Philanthropy

In the United States, Betsy DeVos is one of the influential people playing an active role in reforming the education sector. However, what many might not realize is her philanthropy work. For example, together with her husband – Dick – she co-chairs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has donated millions to support the work carried out by legal groups, think tanks, and leadership institutions to name a few.

Her philanthropic spirit has seen Betsy DeVos give to various schools as well, especially in Michigan. Her donations continue providing the West Michigan Aviation Academy with the finances it needs to thrive. Also, a couple of private Christian schools the Potter’s House operates have benefited greatly from her giving. Needy children can now get the best education at private schools courtesy of the Education Freedom Fund, which Betsy DeVos also donates to as well.

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Donations to Different Organizations

Betsy established the philanthropic foundation that she runs with her husband in 1989. Mostly, she donates to organizations that represent her religious and political beliefs. A conservative think tank organization based in Washington, D.C. – American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy – was the beneficiary of $750,000 from Betsy DeVos. In addition to that initial donation, the DeVos Foundation pledged a further $1m to the think tank.

Colleges and universities around the United States have also benefited greatly from Betsy’s charitable giving. She donated $500,000 to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation. Additionally, she pledged $100,000 on top of $150,000 that her foundation already gave to the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. The following are a few of other organizations that Betsy DeVos has donated to and the money received:

  1. a) Ferris State University – $113,500
  2. b) Davenport University – $55,000
  3. c) John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – $250,000
  4. d) ArtPrize Grand Rapids – $400,000

Lifetime Charitable Donations

Over their lifetimes, Dick and Betsy DeVos have donated more than $139 million to different organizations. In 2015 alone, the couple gave out more than $11.6 million as charitable contributions. In fact, a report that the reputable Forbes published in 2015 ranked the couple as the 24th place of a list titled “America’s Top Givers.” Betsy is part of a family – the DeVos – that has donated more than $1.33 billion over their lifetime.

Betsy married into a family that’s renowned for its charitable giving. However, she is the daughter of Edgar Prince, a Holland industrialist who is also famous for his generous contributions to charitable and political organizations. Out of all the contributions Dick and Betsy DeVos have made, the education sector seemed to have benefited the most. Dick states that this is a deliberate move and a reflection of their dedication to improving education.

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