Bernando Chua Making a Name with ORGANO

Bernardo Chua stands as among the top business minds to emerge from Asia the past couple of decades.

The Philippines native with a Chinese heritage has built much of his financial success off of a multi-level type of marketing style, starting from working with mushrooms before moving on to other crops such as coffee.

His chief achievement is the creation and development of the company ORGANO, with the name in all caps. The company sells coffee which contains ganoderma, which are mushrooms that have a long history related to Asian medicine. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Also known as shelf mushrooms or bracket fungi, they feature wood-degrading enzymes that many believe can help with the process of bioremediation which can be categorized as helpful to humans in using natural orgasms to break down toxic substances within their bodies.

Bernado Chua has made great use of the ganoderma during his business marketing career. Before ORGANO, he worked as an executive with Gano Excel, a company based in the Philippines. The company developed food products including instant coffee.

Bernado Chua eventually moved on to form ORGANO, then known as ORGANO GOLD, in 2008. Though the company is known for its coffee, it also sells types of tea, hot cocoa, and food supplements. Among food products are rich chocolate, spore powder, and grape seed oil.

ORGANO also uses a multi-level marketing strategy which involves non-salary employees who work as sales work force that sells the ORGANO products. The ability to using direct sales helped Chua grow his company and spread out beyond Asia and into North America and Europe.

Chua has taken advantage of the rise of the social media platform as he is on Facebook and has his own web site. Meanwhile, ORGANO has its own Twitter page and is also located on professional business sites such as Linkedin.

Bernardo Chua figures to continue to effectively run ORGANO as it penetrates into other foreign markets until it has emerged as a global leader in coffee products.