Todd Lubar Wants to Help His Clients Fulfill Their Dreams

Todd Lubar is an American businessman and investor. He is best known as TDL Global Ventures, LLC President and also serves as the Sr. VP of Legendary Investments. In addition, he’s held major positions with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. He is a real estate guru. He’s spent more than two decades mastering the ins and outs of the industry. Furthermore, he has become a leading investor in the market, ranking as one of the nation’s top 25 mortgage originators on several different occasions. Though he’s built his name in real estate, Lubar’s no one trick pony. He’s made many successful forays including the entertainment industry, construction, mortgage banking, and other various industries. You can visit Ideamensch for more info.

Todd Lubar has always felt that real estate was the right career for him because of his passion for helping others. He says it plays a major role in his business decisions. As a matter of fact, he founded TDL Global Ventures to be a conduit for his desire to fulfill people’s dreams of becoming homeowners. He is sincerely gleeful when he helps clients reach their goals.

Question Lubar is often is asked is “How do you do it?” and “what is your secret?” His answer is always hard work and perseverance. Will is an underappreciated factor in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Most people quit before they really even get started. It takes a lot of work to achieve a small goal. He says his strong will is why he is who he is today.

Lubar gained valuable business experience early on in his career, while working as a loan originator for the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. What he knows about conservative mortgage banking is largely attributed ti hos time spent with the company.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in with a B.A. in speech communication. More details can be found on LinkedIn.


Arthur Becker Prfoves Himself A True Renaissance Man

When discussing the life and work of Arthur Becker it is not an understatement to state the artist, entrepreneur, real estate developer, and fashion expert is a renaissance man of the highest order. Becker has crossed a range of different industries and found success in almost every area he has looked to find success in; although we see the success achieved by Arthur Becker, the man himself is always willing to admit he has made business mistakes in the past and has learned a lot from these mistakes that have allowed him the chance to develop an even more successful career.

One of the aspects of his life and career Arthur Becker believes could have been bettered and made a major difference to the speed at which he achieved success would have been the completion of the second year of his postgraduate course in business. Flexibility is a part of the work of any entrepreneur in the view of Arthur Becker, and in his NY Mag interview, he said that he feels his own career would have benefited from a more flexible approach to to his studied that stalled when he found success in a business renovating 18th century houses.

Another reason Arthur Becker should be praised for the work he has completed is the fact he has never settled upon remaining successful in a single area of business, but instead seeks continued success in a range of different business areas. Technology has always played a major role in the establishment of the successful career of Arthur Becker and continues to be a constant theme in most of the business opportunities he explores on a regular basis. Becker himself believes his own success is only continued by his own ability to identify talented individuals in the various fields he works within to achieve high levels of continued success.

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