American Institute of Architects the Voice of the Architectural Profession in the US

American Institute of Architects is a professional body of architects based in the United States. The organization which is headquartered in Washington, DC provides its members with education, advocacy, community redevelopment and public outreach with the aim of supporting the profession in the architectural field and improving public image. The organization also works together with other key players in the design and construction industry to help coordinate the building industry. AIA was originally founded by a group of 13 architects in New York City in 1857. The architects formed the organization with the objective of promoting scientific and practical perfection of its members and raising the standards of the profession. Before the organization was established quacks in the industry would claim to be professionals as there were no schools of architecture, no laws were governing the industry, and also a professional regulating body was not in existence. The first task for the organization was to draft a constitution and create laws that would help govern and regulate the industry.

AIA has grown over the years, and today it boasts of having more than 90,000 members all who are licensed architects and others are from associated professions. All the members of AIA adhere to the organization code of ethics, professional conduct and are dedicated to the highest standards of professional practice. AIA is governed by a Board of directors and has over 200 employees working full time. AIA plays a very critical advocacy role as it helps check the government against making legislation and policies that will affect the architectural industry and in light of these the organization has to participate in decision making by the federal state and local policymakers. AIA as a way of motivating its members and raising the standards in the architectural field has created a program for honors and awards that recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements and they include AIA Gold Medal, Architecture Firm Award and Twenty-five Year Award among others.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the American Institute of Architects Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer. Ivy before joining AIA served at McGraw-Hill construction as the Vice President and Editor in chief of Architectural Record. Architectural Records under Ivy leadership garnered several awards such as 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and the National Magazine Award for General Excellence among others. Robert Ivy has also won many individual awards, and in 2009 he was awarded the G.D Crain Award for his lifetime contribution to editorial excellence. Ivy in 2010 was named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi which is a national architecture fraternity.  Learn more about Veteran’s Equity Center: