Marc Sparks Says Employers Must Create An Ideal Work Environment

Serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks says office conditions can directly influence an employee’s productivity. He’s not alone. Many companies have decided to invest time and money in improving the working environment of their offices. One such company that has been spotlighted about the working environment is Google. These employees have plenty of games and activities that allow them to multiply their motivation for work. Sparks points out that in recent decades our environment has promoted unhealthy life styles that spill over at work, resulting in lower productivity.


Creating an Ideal Workspace


According to Marc Sparks, employers must offer optimal working conditions to boost productivity. Sparks points out how colors, lighting, plants, and even temperature can affect employees.


Studies show that colors have a direct impact on our psychological state, so employers can use it to brighten up the working environment and change the mood. Generally, bright colors such as red, orange or yellow tend to stimulate. So you can opt to highlight with bright colors to boost awareness. Light colors, meanwhile, are restful, but can improve one’s mood. Another tip is installing plants around the office. Studies show that plants and flowers help neutralize destructive instincts and encourage more stable emotional well-being. Decorating with indoor plants help reduce employees mental fatigue and revives levels of concentration. In addition, plants contribute to a cleaner workspace by retaining dust, boosting oxygen and eradicating pollutants, as well as absorbing noise and heat. Sparks points out that such an inexpensive factor can encourage happiness at work. The executive makes sure he keeps a vigilant eye on his own offices.


The Timber Creek executive has learned to master entrepreneurship. Sparks starts up multiple companies with a successful line of initiatives, and then allows his like-minded company leaders to manage. He’s a highly accomplished speaker, author, and philanthropist, known for his best-selling book, They Can’t Eat You. The book debuts Marc Sparks keen business acumen that has resulted in outstanding results for the entrepreneur. His startups, turnarounds, and creating the right environment for business success is all detailed in They Can’t Eat You.


Sparks is also a generous philanthropist, and committed to improving the local communities. In recent years, he has been involved with homeless causes in Texas, like The Samaritan Inn, as well as game changing causes like Habitat for Humanity. As a patron of many projects that revitalize communities, Marc Sparks is dedicated to empowerment. Learn more:

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