The Goettl Air Conditioning Revival Story

Since 1932 when Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl, customers had counted on the firm for their comfort and lifestyle in the desert Southwest. Goettl was the first to introduce evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the hot environs of the desert.

Several generations had become used to the great service and pricing that the company had offered, but that had changed. In the nineties, customer service and satisfaction had dropped to an all-time low. The company had been purchased by a large national management company and things were just not the same. Appointment mixups, lack of concern and other problems had mounted and customers were very frustrated. For more details visit to know more

In 2013, Ken Goodrich purchased Goettle and began a program to set things right. Goodrich had spent his business career taking companies that were in trouble and bringing them back to life. He instituted systems that improved employee morale and at the same time focused on customers more than just the almighty dollar. In time he paid down a large debt and brought the customer back into the equation big time.

The results have been momentous as annual revenue tops the $50 million mark and the company is very involved in community affairs as well. The recently provided 50,000 cases of water to need people in a very hot spell. Check out to know more.

The BizJournal wrote a very good article recently about the recent acquisition by Goettle of the Walton Heating and Air company in Southern California. Already in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, the Southern California connection made sense. Goettl had been strong for years in the residential heating and air business and had not gotten into HVAC commercially too much.

Walton’s prime market was the commercial HVAC end, so the blend made sense and it is working well. Todd Longbrake, the former owner, was retained by Goodrich in the acquisition and was made Sales Manager and field supervisor. Longbrake went on to say that Walton’s had grown just about as far as possible and it was getting stagnant. After the acquisition, the Walton division has had a tenfold increase in production.

The merger made a lot of sense as the best of both companies have been combined for the good of the whole operation. For example the Goettl Maintenance Program is a customer favorite. For just $12 per month, customers get a checkup of their air and heating systems annually, emergency service, and discounts on parts and service.

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