The Prosperous Tenure of Ambassador Daniel Taub

Ambassador Daniel Taub completed his four-year tenure in the month of September 2015. He was Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, and during his service, Ambassador Daniel Taub more than doubled the trade between the two countries of Israel and the United Kingdom.

Ambassador Daniel Taub brought a lot of good during his four-year tenure. His time at the position as highly beneficial for the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom as he improved many aspects of the countries’ relations. The trade between the countries doubled during those four years.

The relations of the countries n terms of culture, academics, and business were also strengthened considerably. Experts also recognized the efficacy of the tenure of Ambassador Daniel Taub.

Sajid Javid who is the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills called the mandate of Ambassador Daniel Taub a ”golden era” for the trade business between the United Kingdom and Israel.

He stated that more than three hundred Israeli companies have started doing business in the UK. The annual bilateral trade for 2015 was more than 5 billion dollars.

Ambassador Daniel Taub started his four-year tenure at the position in 2011. He used to serve as a peace negotiator between Palestine and Israel beforehand.

During the job, Daniel Taub and his Palestinian counterpart traveled to Northern Ireland together in order to gain insight and learn from the atmosphere in the country and take home techniques, strategies, examples, and knowledge in general. Daniel Taub had a large role in the successful negotiation between the two nations.

Another accomplishment of Ambassador Daniel Taub as his calm and stoic answer to the boycott of Israel from 2014. The largest school union in Britain had voted for a boycott of Israel. The city of Bradford had been declared an ”Isreal-free zone” by George Galloway.

In 2014, however, Ambassador Daniel Taub visited the city with defiance against the declaration. In an interview, years prior Ambassador Daniel Taub had stated that stated that campuses should have the right to state their opinions and those who are supportive of Israel should be able to speak as well without fearing for their safety.

Ambassador Daniel Taub addressed the authorities and advised them to look after the atmosphere on the campus grounds. He also stated that he would continue to make his presence known despite the boycotts of Israel.

Ambassador Daniel Taub resigned from his post in September 2015 and was succeeded by Ambassador Mark Regev.

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