Eric Lefkofsky Believes Machine Learning will Play a Major Role in Medicine

Over the last decade, one of the most promising developments in the field of medicine has been the ability of the human genome to be cheaply sequenced. In 2003, the first full human genome was sequenced, at the tremendous cost of well over $100 million. Today, that costs as drops to less than $5,000 per person. It has been widely estimated by experts that, within 10 years, the cost of sequencing an entire human genome will drop to below $100 per person and more information click here.

This will create a vast ocean of data from which physicians will be able to gather amounts of data and insights never before imagined. Eric Lefkofsky, one of the nation’s leading medical philanthropists, has co-founded a company dedicated to creating a platform that will allow physicians to utilize the vast new trove of data that will be made available to harness the cheap sequencing of nearly everyone’s genome.

Tempus is a company dedicated to the creation of platforms that use artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge analytics to give physicians and oncologists the best possible real-time data on every aspect of the diseases they’re treating and the likely outcomes for their patients. Through the use of systems like these, it would be possible for physicians to understand better why certain groups of patients respond well to one treatment while another group may respond differently. Eventually, the Tempus platform may allow for the near complete customization of all medical treatments, including the composition of drugs at the molecular level, leading to a level of effectiveness in treatment that has never been seen before and learn more about Eric.

The Tempus system will be able to effectively create the equivalent functionality of large-scale clinical trials, giving physicians the ability to test, in real time, the relationships and correlations that exist between an almost infinite number of variables. This will eventually lead to treatment regimes that take into account thousands or even tens of thousands of variables, leading to the ability to effectively custom design each treatment protocol for the individual patient and his foundation of Website.

Lefkofsky believes that through technologies like this, cancer will eventually become more of a chronic illness than a deadly one.

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