Larkin & Lacey Equality for All

Lacey Michael and Larkin Jim, created a movement to advocate for protection of human rights. The movement they created is known as Frontera Fund and it acts like the voice of the people. Jim and Michael noticed that there are people in society who are discriminated against and their rights are violated. Such people need someone to speak on their behalf for them to be treated right.

In the year 1970 Jim and Michael founded a village voice media which acted as an alternative weekly newspaper in Phoenix. The two were arrested because of what they wrote and advertised. Jim and Michael were out to help the voiceless in the society. Their arrest shows that sometimes people in power do not follow the law, something serious which should be looked into.

The Frontera Fund movement by Lacey and Larkin is meant to support individuals who advocate for civil, migrant as well as human rights. These are the people who advocate for freedom of speech and civic participation throughout Arizona. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Their intention to speak for other people in the society gives a clear impression that they have the concern of other people at heart. Since 1970 when they were journalists and would still speak in behalf of other people, they have not given up their good acts. Jim and Michael are determined not to stay quiet until a society where unity exists is created.

In 2007, Lacey and Larkin were arrested for allegedly violating the secrecy of the grand jury. However, their charges were dropped by the county attorney of the time, Andrew Thomas. Jim and Michael later sued Thomas, Arpaio and Dennis Wilenchik who was the special prosecutor, stating that there was no probable reason for their arrest.

This fact gives a clear impression that the two men knew how to fight for rights, from the start. This is the feature that pushed them to create the fund that will make them speak for more individuals in the society. They have been in a position where they were arrested against the law, and they know how it feels to have rights violated.

Jim and Michael created the Frontera Fund with the intention of creating a society where all individuals are treated equally. According to them, it is not right to discriminate against others.

The major challenge they are facing is that there are people in power who contribute to the act of violating human rights and discriminating against others. They are fighting to see that the law and each person in power support them, for them to achieve their goal of equality.

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