Eco-conscious Travel With WildArk

Traveling and seeing new places is one of the great adventures of life. There are few things more enlightening than seeing an unfamiliar location. While there are endless beautiful and exciting travel destinations, it is particularly beneficial to visit eco-conscious destinations. Eco-conscious destinations are focused on conservation and preserving the location’s natural habitat. One organization that wants to shed light on some eco-conscious destinations is WildArk.


WildArk was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. The couple, along with a group of passionate and dedicated conservationists, have created an organization whose mission is to secure parts of identified green belts around the world and protect the unique biodiversity of these areas. As part of this work, WildArk creates research and experience opportunities for people to experience and connect with nature themselves. Reconnecting with nature through travel experiences can inspire people to protect the environment.


One such experience opportunity that WildArk encourages is ecotracking in the African wilderness. Taking place in remote areas of South Africa and Botswana, ecotracking engrosses tourists in the process of tracking animals. Being led by expert Shangaan trackers, visitors learn to track and identify elephants, rhinos and lions, among many other species. Guests also learn the trailing and survival techniques of various African wildlife. Prices for this experience start at $1,200 for a 7-day tracking session, including tent accommodations and all meals. Learn more:


Another eco-conscious experience promoted by WildArk is the Alaskan Sportsman Lodge. Located in Bristol Bay, Alaska, the Alaskan Sportsman Lodge gives visitors an opportunity to experience unlimited guided fishing sessions on the Kvichak River. Guests work with their guide to determine what type of fishing they would enjoy doing and what they would like to catch. The lodge supplies private float planes and pilots to take guests to various locations and rivers in the area to fish for salmon, Artic Char, rainbow trout and many more. Prices start at $4,000 for 2 and 1/2 days and 2 nights fishing and lodging, including airfare, accommodations, fishing guide and gear, and all meals. Learn more:


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