The Expansion of Fabletics With Celebrity Power Plays

Fabletics is the brand of clothing that is crossing over into every aspect of the entertainment industry. Demi Lovato is the newest addition to Fabletics, and her limited-time only brand has started a lot of buzz about this brand. Kate Hudson is an actress so she is getting fans of her acting to notice this brand. These entertainers have been able to instantly lure many people into this athletic clothing arena in a short time frame.


Kate Hudson has been very passionate about building a brand of clothing that is uplifting to women. She has proven that she is trying to make a difference in the lives of young women as Americans face the biggest obesity issues that the country has ever faced. Kate Hudson is trying to bring some fun back to the concept of working out. She has tried to improve upon the number of options that people have for working out, and she is doing this by partnering with a young celebrity like Demi Lovato that has millions of fans.


Entertainers have always proved to be successful when entrepreneurs like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are involved. These two business leaders saw some great results when they look Kimora Lee in to advertise a company like JustFab. It appears that they had a good idea again when they decided to start Fabletics with Kate Hudson. She has become a resourceful person that has been able to market her brand in a very interesting way. Kate has made an effort to open new stores and lure customers.


She knows that for athletes this may be one of the biggest things that can hinder a business. If there’s no clothing store for them to try on these clothes they may be more hesitant to buy. Kate is aware of this, and she is working meticulously to bring forth as many as 100 stores within the next several years. This is a gigantic goal, but she believes that she can get the proper funding from investors because she has made the necessary moves to put things in action. She is growing at a very interesting rate, and she is trying to take the company public. She knows that when she goes public that there will be a lot of room for investors to bring more money to the table. This will allow her to improve and expand brand even more.

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