Stop Chemically Damaging Your Hair With WEN Hair Care Products By Chaz Dean

A hundred years ago you did not wash your hair everyday. Soon after the development of synthetic cleaning agents came the creation of the product shampoo and with a whole lot of marketing washing your hair everyday become normal and expected. However, your hair needs the essential natural oils your body produces that naturally flow very slowly from the root of the hair out to the end of the hair.

Eventually, a lot of people became concerned about chemical pollution from what we breathed in to what was put on our skin which was then absorbed into the body. The idea of using products with natural ingredients became a focus for some people including Chaz Dean.

Chaz Dean began developing his line of WEN Hair Care products to give people an alternative to the accepted shampoos and conditioners for your hair. He is a proponent of the ‘No Poo’ shampoo concept. The idea behind ‘No Poo’ shampoo is that instead of washing your hair with regular shampoo that is a detergent with a bunch of chemicals in it that most of us cannot even pronounce; you use a shampoo that is almost entirely composed off natural substances and will not strip those essential oils natural to your hair that give it a true shine and body.

Chaz Dean’s attitude on life is a belief in the benefits of a natural and holistic approach. This is shown through out his entire line of WEN Hair Care products which use extracts of natural plants such as chamomile, wild cherry bark and rosemary extract. Remember, it’s not just how your hair looks, it also how soft and luxurious it feels.

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