Scott Rocklage – A Hands On Approach To Medicine

Since 2004, Dr. Scott Rocklage has been a managing partner with 5AM Ventures, a company that is working to find solutions for a wide range of healthcare needs. With over 30 years of experience working in healthcare management he has helped 5AM Ventures to become a forward thinking life science company.

In addition to his business expertise, Dr. Rocklage has a solid science background. He attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and received his PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While he was at MIT he had the chance to work alongside the Nobel Prize winning chemist Richard Schrock.

Prior to joining 5AM Ventures, Dr. Scott Rocklage held leadership positions with several other companies, including Chairman of Novra Therapeutics Inc.,Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, and Chairman of the Board at Cidara Therapeutics. Under his leadership at 5AM, FDA approval was given to three new drug applications, that include Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin.

Dr. Rocklage takes a proactive approach in the business by helping entrepreneurs in the medical and scientific fields develop their ideas for new medicines. He firmly believes that in business you should utilize your strengths and capitalize on what you excel in.

He believes one area of medical research to watch is the ability to treat cancer by targeting particular genotypes and mutations. This has already led to breakthroughs in treatment and in extending patients life.

Dr. Rocklage has been the co-inventor or inventor of over 30 U.S. Patents and has penned over 100 publications. He considers his organizational abilities and his ability to set priorities as his most productive habits.

He’s not afraid to take risks but he also thinks that a business should stay true to itself. Why asked which book he would like for business leaders to read, he recommends “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t” by James Collins. Dr. Rocklage works out of the 5AM Venture Office in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Equities First Holding

Equities First Holding, LLC does provide a variety of shareholder services. These are trust-based services that focus on the loans based on the performance and risk associated with stocks and bonds. This business was formed in 2002 and based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Equities also have a satellite office in New York City. Equities first Holding, being an LLC, partners up with other companies sometimes. Other companies partner up with other companies for different reasons as well. Sometimes as a response to something happening, like a merger, or for a completely different reason. Equities first is a good company to exist and more information click here.

The Goettl Air Conditioning Revival Story

Since 1932 when Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl, customers had counted on the firm for their comfort and lifestyle in the desert Southwest. Goettl was the first to introduce evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the hot environs of the desert.

Several generations had become used to the great service and pricing that the company had offered, but that had changed. In the nineties, customer service and satisfaction had dropped to an all-time low. The company had been purchased by a large national management company and things were just not the same. Appointment mixups, lack of concern and other problems had mounted and customers were very frustrated. For more details visit to know more

In 2013, Ken Goodrich purchased Goettle and began a program to set things right. Goodrich had spent his business career taking companies that were in trouble and bringing them back to life. He instituted systems that improved employee morale and at the same time focused on customers more than just the almighty dollar. In time he paid down a large debt and brought the customer back into the equation big time.

The results have been momentous as annual revenue tops the $50 million mark and the company is very involved in community affairs as well. The recently provided 50,000 cases of water to need people in a very hot spell. Check out to know more.

The BizJournal wrote a very good article recently about the recent acquisition by Goettle of the Walton Heating and Air company in Southern California. Already in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, the Southern California connection made sense. Goettl had been strong for years in the residential heating and air business and had not gotten into HVAC commercially too much.

Walton’s prime market was the commercial HVAC end, so the blend made sense and it is working well. Todd Longbrake, the former owner, was retained by Goodrich in the acquisition and was made Sales Manager and field supervisor. Longbrake went on to say that Walton’s had grown just about as far as possible and it was getting stagnant. After the acquisition, the Walton division has had a tenfold increase in production.

The merger made a lot of sense as the best of both companies have been combined for the good of the whole operation. For example the Goettl Maintenance Program is a customer favorite. For just $12 per month, customers get a checkup of their air and heating systems annually, emergency service, and discounts on parts and service.

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The Prosperous Tenure of Ambassador Daniel Taub

Ambassador Daniel Taub completed his four-year tenure in the month of September 2015. He was Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, and during his service, Ambassador Daniel Taub more than doubled the trade between the two countries of Israel and the United Kingdom.

Ambassador Daniel Taub brought a lot of good during his four-year tenure. His time at the position as highly beneficial for the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom as he improved many aspects of the countries’ relations. The trade between the countries doubled during those four years.

The relations of the countries n terms of culture, academics, and business were also strengthened considerably. Experts also recognized the efficacy of the tenure of Ambassador Daniel Taub.

Sajid Javid who is the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills called the mandate of Ambassador Daniel Taub a ”golden era” for the trade business between the United Kingdom and Israel.

He stated that more than three hundred Israeli companies have started doing business in the UK. The annual bilateral trade for 2015 was more than 5 billion dollars.

Ambassador Daniel Taub started his four-year tenure at the position in 2011. He used to serve as a peace negotiator between Palestine and Israel beforehand.

During the job, Daniel Taub and his Palestinian counterpart traveled to Northern Ireland together in order to gain insight and learn from the atmosphere in the country and take home techniques, strategies, examples, and knowledge in general. Daniel Taub had a large role in the successful negotiation between the two nations.

Another accomplishment of Ambassador Daniel Taub as his calm and stoic answer to the boycott of Israel from 2014. The largest school union in Britain had voted for a boycott of Israel. The city of Bradford had been declared an ”Isreal-free zone” by George Galloway.

In 2014, however, Ambassador Daniel Taub visited the city with defiance against the declaration. In an interview, years prior Ambassador Daniel Taub had stated that stated that campuses should have the right to state their opinions and those who are supportive of Israel should be able to speak as well without fearing for their safety.

Ambassador Daniel Taub addressed the authorities and advised them to look after the atmosphere on the campus grounds. He also stated that he would continue to make his presence known despite the boycotts of Israel.

Ambassador Daniel Taub resigned from his post in September 2015 and was succeeded by Ambassador Mark Regev.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Moves to Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has become one of the most interesting people in all of Texas when it comes to plastic surgery. She is a native of Texas, but she gained her phone while she was doing her residency and building her practice in Manhattan.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received great reviews for the work that she has done over the years, but it would come down to fammily ties and her desire to move back to Texas that inspired her to start over. She would transition back to her native state, and she would make her home and her practice in Austin. This would give her a chance to experience a whole new client base of Texans as she built up a new office all over again and more information click here.

Dr. Jemnifer Walden with also give her kids a chance to bond with her family as well. This was the main reason she made the move back to Texas and Dr. Walden’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Walden has continued to thrive as a plastic surgeon in her native state of Texas. She has done many rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgeries. She has become well known through many different channels, and many people know her work from VH1 or local Texas new shows.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has become one of the most successful female surgeons, and she has continued to thive in this area. Many people have recognized her work, and she had also co-authored a book on plastic surgery. Walden knows a lot about technology and she uses the latest in technology to provide her patients with the best possible care. This gives her a great resume.

Dr. Walden has graced the cover of magazine like Austin MD, and many people are recognizing her for all the work that she has done with the advanced technology in plastic surgery and learn more about Dr. Walden.

The Philanthropy, Generosity and Giving Of Betsy DeVos

It is easy for some people to admire successful and financially well off people like Betsy DeVos. After all, she is very prominent in the nation. She is holding an office when it comes to the education system. She is working very hard to make sure that the education industry is a good industry for children of all types. She is even willing to stand up to Trump for children. After all, she has a genuine care for people and wants to help build communities so that they can be safer and more productive for people that happen to be raised in these communities.


Betsy DeVos offers plenty of proposals in the educational system which include school choice. With school choice, people are able to take their children to safer schools without having to pay for tuition. The schooling is publicly funded. Therefore, children do not have to be subject to poor schools. At the same time, efforts are being made to bring improvements to these schools and the communities so that children can actually be safe there. Her husband is also involved in the efforts to bring about improvements to the world of education so that children can be able to get the best schooling possible.


One of the best ways to get started in philanthropy is how Betsy DeVos has done it. She has started small. When she was taking her children to school, one thing that she did was take note of other families that are taking their children to schools outside of the community. She has noticed that they are making huge sacrifices so that their children will be able to enjoy schooling at a better equipped place. This is what has given Betsy the idea to see about bringing forth better choices for children to get schooling.


Betsy DeVos is also involved with the foundation that she and her husband has set up so that they can give. They are involved in the funding of schools as well as faith based facilities so that people can get the best possible education which can help them move forward and make successful careers.


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Impressionable facts about Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has over the past years seen many companies experience tremendous growth. Since his acquisition of his position as an ambassador of the Israel Embassy, Daniel has profoundly contributed to the strengthening of the bonds between the United Kingdom and Israel.

Besides, Daniel has seen the two countries trade and terms of exchange grow rampantly, and a close relationship has been established as a result of their partnership and his impeccable leadership skills in promoting peace.

Daniel has also played a significant role in addressing the cultural, business as well as the modes of education in each of the countries in which he has been operating. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Many prestigious individuals in the country have highly amended Daniel’s strategies in controlling and handling his people, and most of them are very pleased with the current state of each of the countries.

Most officials from the country have addressed the drastic growth in the trade between the two nations and believe that the two nations have achieved their business dreams.

A relatively higher number of individuals from Israel have started ventures in the United Kingdom, and this has seen them develop themselves regarding their living standards and total income.

Besides, the launch of the ventures in the country has seen its economic state rise and creation of job opportunities is among the major impacts of the investments.

Daniel Taub has always had a determination towards advocating for peace and bringing people together regardless of their culture, race, and origin. He believes that a peaceful country ought to make more developments and always achieves its dreams.

Taub is also passionate about technology and encourages people to use the modern technology to conduct their activities because it ensures that one carries out his operations faster and smoothly.

According to Crunchbase, Daniel Taub believes that technology can fully change the lives of most individuals if put to good use. He was nominated by Google as one of the recipients of the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative award for his excellent skills in developing the and creating a link between business and trade.

Besides being a great ambassador and peace advocator, Taub is also a public speaker and has over the past years addressed some audiences, especially on matters associated with peace and consequences of discrimination.

He is well-known for most individuals for his sense of humor and ability to bring joy to his listeners.

Eric Lefkofsky Believes Machine Learning will Play a Major Role in Medicine

Over the last decade, one of the most promising developments in the field of medicine has been the ability of the human genome to be cheaply sequenced. In 2003, the first full human genome was sequenced, at the tremendous cost of well over $100 million. Today, that costs as drops to less than $5,000 per person. It has been widely estimated by experts that, within 10 years, the cost of sequencing an entire human genome will drop to below $100 per person and more information click here.

This will create a vast ocean of data from which physicians will be able to gather amounts of data and insights never before imagined. Eric Lefkofsky, one of the nation’s leading medical philanthropists, has co-founded a company dedicated to creating a platform that will allow physicians to utilize the vast new trove of data that will be made available to harness the cheap sequencing of nearly everyone’s genome.

Tempus is a company dedicated to the creation of platforms that use artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge analytics to give physicians and oncologists the best possible real-time data on every aspect of the diseases they’re treating and the likely outcomes for their patients. Through the use of systems like these, it would be possible for physicians to understand better why certain groups of patients respond well to one treatment while another group may respond differently. Eventually, the Tempus platform may allow for the near complete customization of all medical treatments, including the composition of drugs at the molecular level, leading to a level of effectiveness in treatment that has never been seen before and learn more about Eric.

The Tempus system will be able to effectively create the equivalent functionality of large-scale clinical trials, giving physicians the ability to test, in real time, the relationships and correlations that exist between an almost infinite number of variables. This will eventually lead to treatment regimes that take into account thousands or even tens of thousands of variables, leading to the ability to effectively custom design each treatment protocol for the individual patient and his foundation of Website.

Lefkofsky believes that through technologies like this, cancer will eventually become more of a chronic illness than a deadly one.

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Bernando Chua Making a Name with ORGANO

Bernardo Chua stands as among the top business minds to emerge from Asia the past couple of decades.

The Philippines native with a Chinese heritage has built much of his financial success off of a multi-level type of marketing style, starting from working with mushrooms before moving on to other crops such as coffee.

His chief achievement is the creation and development of the company ORGANO, with the name in all caps. The company sells coffee which contains ganoderma, which are mushrooms that have a long history related to Asian medicine. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Also known as shelf mushrooms or bracket fungi, they feature wood-degrading enzymes that many believe can help with the process of bioremediation which can be categorized as helpful to humans in using natural orgasms to break down toxic substances within their bodies.

Bernado Chua has made great use of the ganoderma during his business marketing career. Before ORGANO, he worked as an executive with Gano Excel, a company based in the Philippines. The company developed food products including instant coffee.

Bernado Chua eventually moved on to form ORGANO, then known as ORGANO GOLD, in 2008. Though the company is known for its coffee, it also sells types of tea, hot cocoa, and food supplements. Among food products are rich chocolate, spore powder, and grape seed oil.

ORGANO also uses a multi-level marketing strategy which involves non-salary employees who work as sales work force that sells the ORGANO products. The ability to using direct sales helped Chua grow his company and spread out beyond Asia and into North America and Europe.

Chua has taken advantage of the rise of the social media platform as he is on Facebook and has his own web site. Meanwhile, ORGANO has its own Twitter page and is also located on professional business sites such as Linkedin.

Bernardo Chua figures to continue to effectively run ORGANO as it penetrates into other foreign markets until it has emerged as a global leader in coffee products.

The success story of Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning refers to an industrial pioneer. The most adored reputation and legacy of the company began earlier in the year 1939. It was at this point that Gust and Adam Goettl set the first evaporative cooler together with refrigerated AC units within the area of Phoenix. The objective of the development was to deal with the unfriendly temperatures of the desert. It is from that time onwards that the company has turned out to be among the names that are most trusted in the industry. It deserves appreciation due to its capability to emerge successfully throughout different decade characterized by the technological changes as well as in line with the HVAC business.

The outstanding fact associated with working with the company is the fact that individuals get higher value for their money upon working with Goettl. This is attained through the services offered by their technicians who are greatly skilled and continually undergo training before their provision of premium services and products that are not found elsewhere. As a way of ensuring that the services are up to the standards and that those offering them have whatever it takes, all the Goettl technicians are ” Sadie Certified.” This supplements their passage through a background that is very thorough together with a drug test. It is also worth remembering that a free flashlight of Goettl accompanies every single job.

Being a leader in the HVAC industry, Goettl has consistently, for years, assisted in putting things for the air conditioning as well as the heating industry. They enhance the provision of outstanding HVAC services to the clients in Arizona. It’s devotion Arizona together with the communities that their services each are exemplary.

Looking back into the beginning, the Goettl brothers started off their undertaking at Mansfield, Ohio in the year 1926. After a couple of years, the brothers made their way out west towards Phoenix, Arizona. Their intention was to look up to opportunities in the course of the Great Depression. Consequently, the Goettl Air Conditioning which is based in Phoenix was established. It’s progressing then followed then it later turned out to be a global pioneer alongside large scale production of the evaporative coolers as well as several additional innovations in connection to the technology of cooling and heating.

Some projects with the installations of Goettl exist inclusive of Mountain Gate, Del Webb Cottonwood Ranch, and in the communities of Verde Valley-Brookfield.

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